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If you are in the Sydney area, you know how important it is to keep bugs out of your home. This temperate climate gives rise to all sorts of critters. Some of them are even poisonous or just simply cause itchy bites. You certainly can avoid these creatures in the home in part by maintaining your screens or you can ask for window screen repair. Even a small tear in a screen can give rise to a host of unwanted creatures in the home.

When it comes to DIY, sometimes you can repair the screen yourself. A small tear that is less than 3 inches can be covered with a patch. In most cases, this patch is hardly noticeable. However, larger rips mean that you have to probably replace the entire screen. This is where our company, Flyscreens Sydney, can help you keep your home or building up to date.

Replacing Window Screening

Window screening can be made of aluminium, fibreglass, or metal. All of these screens will require different and special care. You should get into the practice of removing these screens annually for a good cleaning. Aluminium or fibreglass screens can be scrubbed with a medium stiff bristle brush and some soapy water. Finally, rinse them down with a hose.

For galvanised metal screening, you should apply a thin layer of thinned screen enamel, paint, or varnish. This maintenance process only needs to be performed every couple of years. A little bit of maintenance goes a long way with all of these types of screens.

Another area that you should watch in the screens are the frames. The ones that are made of aluminium can be cleaned with steel wool and aluminium polish. Finally, coat them with paste wax.

For wood frames, you can make them last longer by reinforcing the corners with corrugated fasteners, wood screws, glued-in wood dowels, or metal reinforcing angles. Thankfully, the frames do not usually need as much attention as the window screens themselves.

Supplying Fly & Insect Screens For Over 20 years

Our company, Flyscreens Sydney, can help with this difficult maintenance as well as repairs. We do not just install screens. If you want a quote, you can call us and we will be happy to assist you.

We design a wide variety of doors, so we have the expertise to help you keep your screens looking sharp. Our designs include fixed frame and retractable for both windows and doors. We supply everything from your basic latched screen door to safety grille and Invisiguard security doors.


Our Ultrascreen is the most practical retractable flyscreen on the market today. They are crafted to meet your needs and requirements. Also, you can feel good about your purchase knowing that it is backed by a lifetime warranty for the replacement parts. We also have a new range of pleated retractable screens. All of these enhancements will ultimately increase the value of your home.

So for Bifold to French doors, or any door, give Flyscreens Sydney a call. Our screens have a variety of colours to fit right into any home and design scheme. With 20 years as a family business, we know that you can rely on our services.

Throughout Sydney, our fly and insect screen experts have gained a reputation for friendly and efficient service to meet all your flyscreening requirements.

We offer free consultation and quotation for new projects or repair of existing fly and insect screens & screen doors. To find out what we can do for you, contact Flyscreens Sydney at 02 8294 8311 for a free measure & quote today!

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