Pleated Screen Doors

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Adding a new dimension to retractable insect fly screen doors, allowing for superior performance in breezy conditions, is smooth to operate and will stop at any location.

Couple this with the ability to reach 3.2m in height and accommodate wide opening, Pleated screens allow great flexibility when dealing with difficult to screen areas.

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Zig Zag – Fly Screen Doors

The Zig Zag Fly Screen Doors have a range of options unmatched by other retractable screen systems.

Singles, Centre Pack (openable either end) and Doubles Screens can be manufactured.

Also offsetting the fly screen door to suit joinery mullions isn’t a problem.

This is a corded system which means effortless ease of use, couple this with a low profile sill (7.5mm) this screen is ideal for all types of openings from a single door to large bifold and stacker doors.

Recommended sizes to 3000h x 6000w.

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Plisse – Fly Screen Doors

Plisse retractable fly screen doors are designed to be used as a single screen up to 3000h x 2000w and as a multi stackable system.

Ideal for large bifolds, stacker doors and alfresco areas, Plisse will provide the strength and stability required to screen larger areas.

Couple this with a 3mm high bottom track, Plisse ensures no hazard trip and child friendly ease of operation. Plisse is a 4 week lead time and is POA.

Miny17 – Fly Screen Doors

Miny17 as with the Zig Zag is a corded system, easily operated and using a small 17mm profile.

This allows for the system to fit neatly behind curtains or blinds and with only a 5mm high bottom track, ensures wheel chair accessable and reduced trip hazard.

Ideal for french or single door openings and apartment sliding doors. Recommended sizes to 2600h x 1800w.

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