Whatever you need, we have the best roller fly screens for you

Manufactured by high quality designers with many years of experience in the screen industry, we are the company for you. Our window roller fly screens will be an excellent addition to the family home.

Window Roller Fly Screens Product Description

An extremely neat and effective window fly screen. Can be pulled down to cover your open window to release and return to the cassette when it is not being used.

Great for keeping out unwanted wasps, bees, spiders, mosquitoes and other insects, we can state without question our roller fly screens for windows are the ideal protection during the summer months against those pesky insects. We don’t need to try and sell our product because we believe the product sells itself.

How The Window Roller Fly Screens work:

The insect mesh is firstly rolled on an aluminum tube which is then held in a cassette. The other end of the mesh is fitted to an aluminum bar.

This is used to pull the mesh out of the cassette down and then over the window. The handle bar is then pulled down, it then slides in two side channels, right and left this holds the mesh in place.

All fixings included

The screen you want will be designed so that when it is fitted, the outer edges of the screen will match the dimensions that you have entered.

  • With either black or white fittings respectively
  • The depth of the head cassette (front to back) = 42mm, with height (top to bottom) = 50mm.
  • Aluminum side guides with reverse brush system that can hold the screen in place = 20mm deep and 31mm wide.
  • Fixed with standard insect mesh (17 x 15 holes per square inch) in charcoal
  • Lower frame with special pile to ensure complete seal against insects
  • Weather proof for both outside/inside use
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