Window Flyscreens vs Venus Fly Traps

During the past few months, the sales of Venus fly traps has dramatically increased. These statistics have shocked many plant enthusiasts and garden centres, and surely, you also.

The why is fairly obvious, when you consider it.

In recent years; local councils in Australia have begun splitting up household waste and separating garbage from recyclable goods. As a consequence, there has been a rise in houseflies.

The venus fly trap is an astonishing plant that has intrigued and confused biologists since the days of Charles Darwin. The reason how a plant without any nerves or muscles move so quickly is electricity. It turns out that the Venus fly trap is capable of generating electrical signals, so it is essentially a mini power plant.

By secreting a sweet sap that insects love, the plant first attracts its prey. There are three or more tiny sensitive hairs on each lobe of the plant. If a spider, an insect or a human finger touches more than one of these hairs, within a 30 second time frame, the trap will form a sealed stomach by snapping closed in less than a tenth of a second.

Window Flyscreens Work Better Than A Venus Fly Trap!

Even though we think venus fly traps are cool, we also believe they aren’t the only choice in terms of preventing flies and other insects from invading your home.

Not only are our window flyscreens very competitive, but they are also very effective when it comes to preventing flies, wasps and other flying and non-flying insects from entering your home.

Our window flyscreens offer a wide range of different designs for windows and doors as well as varying colours and types of mesh.

Our window fly screens are exactly what you need for those hot summer days, so you can enjoy fresh air from outside and relax without the nuisance of your home being invaded by many creepy crawlies.

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