Looking For Aluminum Venetian Blinds?

Aluminum venetian blinds are a great functional window covering that has been used in both commercial buildings and in office environments for many years.

These days’ aluminum venetian blinds are used as much in the home and, as most venetian blind designers will offer many different styles of solid and perforated slats in various colors, textures and patterns, there is usually an aluminum venetian blind to suit any interior design scheme.

Why choose venetian blinds

Commercial aluminum blinds are a great cost effective way of giving staff members control over daylight levels and glare in an office environment.

Using metal venetian blinds building users can thereby control light and glare and still preserve natural daylight and keep energy costs down by decreasing the necessity for supplementary artificial lighting when sunlight is falling on a building façade.

Aluminum window blinds also offer privacy for building occupants from the outside and are often installed on internal glazed partitions, doors and screens to provide privacy to meeting rooms.

In the home aluminum venetian blinds are used in all rooms in the house.

We suggest using mental blinds over wooden blinds from a maintenance point of view. Aluminum venetian blinds are typically available in widths up to approximately 3000mm and drops up to approximately 3000mm.

In addition aluminum blinds are perfect for the bathroom and offer you privacy at night and they give you privacy in the daytime without requiring the need for artificial light.

Buying a made to measure venetian blind through our online site will not only get you a blind that is approximately the right size requiring no adjustments but will also give you access to a much wider range of slat styles and the opportunity to have your blind customized to create a exclusive product that exactly to your own individual taste.

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