Looking For A Sydney Ultrascreen Installer / Supplier?

Ultrascreen retractable fly screens are made to order and suited for your specific requirements, no matter if you need them for your windows, doors, servery openings or bifolds.

Designed to be visually pleasing, Ultrascreen retractable insect screens are equip with a quality finish beyond belief that could increase the value of your home and assets and blend beautifully with the furnishings and fixtures in your home.

Avalon Screens Is An Ultrascreen Sydney Distributor

All individual components within the Ultrascreen retractable insect screen have been factory tested for strength, reliability and quality to ensure durability and optimum performance.

Ultrascreens are most popular with Hopper, Casement and awning styled windows, and have proven to be the most practical solution to screening French and bi fold doors.

Manufactured in a range of colours and finishes, including the option of aluminium or timber framings, the Ultrascreen retractable insect screens are unobtrusive and are made to style your home.

When not in use, these screens stay retracted in their cassettes, allowing for convenience at all times and unrestricted views. Simply slide out the screens when protection is needed from pesky insects and enjoy having your home insect free on a breezy night.

To maintain retractable screens, all that is needed is a regular clean or vacuum along the bottom guide to keep the track free of debris and ensuring it glides gracefully with every use.

Periodically spray a dry silicon spray along the tracks as well to aid movement of the screen through the guides. Clean all dirty mesh simply with a sponge or brush with some mild detergent and rinse clean with fresh water.

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