Everyone wants to be able to fling their windows and doors wide open to get some fresh air flooding into the home.

However, nobody wants insects and creepy crawlies to come in as well! The solution is to add a fly screen and there is one for every type of door or window that you can think of. Here’s what you need to know.

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Standard Fly Screens

One of the most common types of flyscreens that you see today is the kind where the mesh is stretched within a frame and held in place with special strips. The frame is affixed to the outside of the window or made as a screen door but it can be easily taken down for cleaning or repairs if needed.

This is the most permanent type of fly screen as it is always in place but you can have the frame in different colours to suit your windows, making them look unobtrusive. Standard fly screens are a very economical option but you can only use them on standard types of windows that don’t protrude in any way when they open, such as sliding windows.

Retractable Fly Screens

A retractable fly screen is simply one that can be pulled across or down a door or window when it is required and hidden away when it is not. When hidden, the fly screen mesh is stored inside a special housing so that it cannot be seen at all.

The retractable flyscreen operates on very discreet tracks and they can be opened to the precise position that you want. Retractable flyscreens are perfect for windows and doors that cannot be protected by traditional flyscreens such as bi fold doors, French doors, stacking doors, awning windows, servery windows, double hung windows, casement windows, and the like.

Magnetic Fly Screens

Magnetic fly screens are a great choice if you need a screen that stays securely in place but can be easily removed for cleaning and the like. Magnetic fly screens have a strong magnetic seal all the way around the perimeter of the screen and the window frame, helping them cling very securely.

When in place, the screen is not going anywhere, and there are no gaps for insects or creepy crawlies to get through!

Magnetic screens are good for standard windows but they’re also great for more difficult to screen windows such as awning windows, casement windows, bi fold windows, windows with security bars or grilles, and the like. You can open and close your windows as often as you like simply by peeling back a corner of the fly screen to give you access.

The screens can also be completely custom made so you can use them on awkwardly shaped window such as arched or rounded windows.

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