We offer heavy fly screens doors and two way fly screen doors

All our fly screen doors have been manufactured from extremely strong extruded aluminum sections. This can include if required a decorative protective grille, to prevent the mesh from being pushed or kicked out. It can be removed easily without having to use any specialist tools.

Heavy fly screen door

The heavy duty insect screen door that we produce lets you maximize ventilation whilst still following fire safety requirements. The stainless steel 17 x 15 mesh is reinforced by a protective aluminum grille, providing a very hard wearing door which shelters the majority of applications and is essential for high flow traffic areas.

The insect screen door includes a decorative protective grille that stops the insect screens stainless steel mesh from being either kicked or punched out.

Each corner is held together with an extremely strong metal key that has been double riveted for supreme strength. Both our heavy duty fly and insect screen door can be fitted over wooden, PVC as well as steel doors.

Two way fly screen doors

This all aluminum two way insect and fly screen door has been made to follow fire legislation whilst still working effectively in front of a fire exit, delivered in either standard or heavy-duty variety this fly screen door functions smoothly in both directions before coming to rest within its own sub-frame, to make a faultless seal to safeguard against flies, wasps, bees and other annoying flying insects.

This style of fly screen door is purpose made to suit a specific opening. You don’t have to worry about the door getting jammed or not closing properly.

Whatever concerns you can rest assured we deliver the best fly screens on the market. Please contact us either by phone or email where one of our team members will be happy to help you.

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