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Fly Screen Buying Guide – Home and Commercial Properties

So you’ve come to the realisation that you cannot leave the doors and windows open to let the fresh air in without flies and insects intruding into your home.

You have already taken the time to research which fly screen products are right for you, but you don’t know where to start, given all the types of screens you can choose from — velcro mesh, hinged, fly curtains, retractable, professional, DIY — the list doesn’t end.

Because it can get a bit confusing, we have devised a list of questions you need to ask yourself to find the most suitable product for your needs.

Sydney Flyscreen Manufacturer: Price — How much am I willing to spend?

If you’re interested in something that is inexpensive and will keep a few insects out of the house then products such as stick-on meshes, fly curtains and velcro meshes could be best for you. A concern with these products is that you get what you pay for, and although they may be cheap, they may not be as long wearing as permanent fly screen protection.

If you’re looking into something that is more sturdy but reasonably priced, consider a framed screen in which you can install yourself such as fixed frames, retractable fly screens or hinged frames.

If you do not want to do it yourself and wish for a professional looking job, than installation of your fly screens can be done with us. You can rest assured that your fly screen will work perfectly and look amazing with our range and professional installers at hand.

Sydney Flyscreen Manufacturer: Protection — How big is your bug problem?

If your absolute priority above all else is to keep insects out, then the best choice for you would be a retractable or fixed fly screen.

These types of frames ensure that flies cannot sneak in around the edges of your fly screens, keeping your house entirely insect free. You can purchase these products as a DIY job or have them professionally fitted.

Fixed fly screens are fixed to windows, hence the name. This means that they are no good for use on doors.

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More questions will be posted in our next blog post.

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