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We are fully aware the problems people have in their homes during the summer months.

It can be very annoying with all those bugs in and around your house.

Having the best flyscreens is something that all homeowners require. Most importantly having high quality screens is what we offer to all our customers. If you’re after perfection we are the screen manufactories that can deliver the best results for you.

We deliver a powder coated aluminum frame that is complete with fiberglass mesh as standard. This screen is constructed with extruded aluminum corner keys for strength.

The mesh is then held in place with a pliable rubber gasket which has been designed to keep the mesh taught and protected. This screen can be fitted on lift off hinges and turn buttons and is extremely easy to be removed for cleaning and servicing.

The Best Sydney Fly Screen Installer

How Our Flyscreens Work

This screen has the capacity to accept different thickness of brush pile into the back of the frame. This will then form a seal between the back of the screen and the face of the window. This screen is able to be fitted over any UPVC, timber or metal casements. Occasionally, it is required to use our special plastic build off sub-frame to clear existing handles.

Fiberglass mesh is fitted as standard, but aluminum mesh or stainless steel can be fitted when necessary.

This screen is typically fitted internally, nevertheless, because of the durable powder coating; it can be fitted to an external application when necessary. Removal consists of release turn buttons, hinge open and then lift off.

Maintenance Protocol

The powder coating is able to be cleaned with a cream cleaner that can restore to the original condition making it look new as ever.

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