Custom Striped Aluminium Flyscreens

Custom striped aluminium flyscreens do not have to be dull. You can pick designs from a variety of colours of the screen then choose a pinstripe for an amazing combination.

For a bigger screen, it helps to split up the block of colours using a subtle stripe. This design is 7 to 8 strands of the main colour coupled with two strands of contrasting pin stripe.

The striped aluminium flyscreens are customised to meet the customers requirements and are made to last for many years without losing their attractiveness. The flyscreens are suitable and perfect for windows as well as doors.

Notably, the easy walk through nature of the chain screens make them excellent to install in doorways. The chain door screens control and keep out pests plus other flying bugs while letting in fresh air.

For Windows And Doors

The striped flyscreens are very convenient since they can be reached through easily and do not create any barrier to sunlight or air flow. The chain window screen is very easy to install. Does not in any way complicate matters when cleaning your windows.

The nature of the chain window screen lets the fresh air in leading to a pleasant internal atmosphere without worrying about harsh weather elements and intruding pests. Both the door screens and the chain windows are easy to install.

The rail hooks over screws should be placed immediately above the window or the doorway. In addition, the chain screens can be both fitted permanently or putting up on a daily basis.

Below are other important aspects of these striped aluminium flyscreens.


Can fit the aluminium flyscreens internally or externally. They are simple to install needing two or three screws and are very easy to remove.

Hanging Rail Colour

Silver is the standard rail colour but bronze is highly recommended for a supplement. The rail looks especially appealing with the bronze, copper or golden yellow coloured chain.

Although the standard colour of the hanging rail is silver, you can also choose other colours and create the final product to meet your specifications.

Stainless Steel Brackets

The flyscreens come with a complete set of fixing screens. Nonetheless, in case you want something more attractive or fitting onto a UPVC frame, we recommend you choose stainless steel fixing brackets.

Patterned Flyscreens

These are produced through different coloured chain links leading to an unusual and attractive screen. All patterned flyscreens can be trimmed to your specifications.


Fitting is through 2 or 3 screws into a door frame. Once installed, the screws are invisible. May also opt for the hanging brackets that are more secure alternative. Do not use the plasterboard alone.

In addition, ceiling brackets are provided if the screen is to be hung from a reveal or ceiling. Because of its weight, the ceiling brackets should be fixed into something secure like a wooden shaft or a steel bar.

We understand that putting some colour into a plain flyscreen makes it more attractive leading to a more pleasant environment. Flyscreens Sydney is here to help you. Call us now at 02 8294 8311 to add more colours to your dull flyscreens!

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