Enhanced Your Home And Business Security

Stainless steel mesh is manufactured using an aluminium frame with a high tensile steel mesh panel inserted into the frame. It can be customized to match your door configurations. While the mesh is mainly a security barrier, it can also keep out flying bugs. It can also deter human intruders.

Since the steel mesh is see-through, you can enjoy unobstructed viewing of the outdoors. This therefore makes the stainless steel mesh very suitable for business buildings, homes, estates and lodges where a desirable outlook from the inside of the premises is required.

Additionally, pre-treatment during the manufacturing process increases resistance to corrosion and UV rays. When powder coating is added, the result is a long lasting high quality barrier that is ideal for inland and coastal conditions.

Characteristics And Advantages

– Custom-designed and produced by highly trained and certified technologists
– Fashioned to fit the configuration of your doors and offers seamlessly access to the locks and handles
– Completely framed to withstand any attack
– The woven stainless steel mesh screen meets international standards for strength
– The mesh can screen out as much as 60% UV rays that helps regulate the internal temperature, improve energy consumption, reduce glare besides shielding your furniture against damage
– Allows fresh air into the area but blocks out harsh winds
– Keeps out mosquitoes and other flying and crawling nuisances
– Suitable for all types of risk – from low to high
– Very easy to clean and maintain
– Provides proven protection without compromising your comfort or convenience

Sliding Doors

The single sliding, single track doors are ideal for sliding doors with 2 panels, where one of the panels is fixed. On the other hand, the double sliding, single track doors are suitable for sliding doors with fixed panels on each side. Another option is the double sliding, double track doors that are ideal where the door has two opening panels that require more protection as well as easy access while passing and cleaning. Stacking sliding doors are also available.

Bi-Fold Doors

These run on one track. The door panels neatly stack to a single side of the opening. In addition, the door screen can be configured such that the door becomes single or dual working for everyday use while the rest of the panels remain safe. For extra security, the system comes with shoot bolts on either panel.

French Doors

These are suitable wherever clear door openings are needed but the space on each side of the door frame is a limiting factor. The panels on the French door are hinged on the right and on the left of the door opening hence can open from the centre.

Hinged Doors

These doors are ideal for single entrance doors where space on either side is limited. They can also be suitable for passages to secure particular areas in businesses or homes. The hinges can either be on the right or the left side depending on the specific requirements of the application.

Fixed Panels

These are ideal for non-opening shop fronts and doors. They may also be used to enclose a patio area. Fixed panels are great for areas that need screening yet a solid panel or wall will be inappropriate. The fixed panels can be used with the hinged or sliding units.

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