Corrosion of fly screens and doors is not an unusual situation when living in coastal regions of Australia.

Even when it comes to purchasing stainless steel products, all consumers should be aware of the different types of stainless steel and decide which product is right for your own property.

2 Grades Of Stainless Steel Flyscreens

There are two grades of stainless steel which can be used in the production of fly screens and doors, 304 grade & 316 marine grade.

304 Grade stainless steel is used for ordinary products, whereas 316 marine grade stainless steel is the only type of stainless steel that should be used within 50km of the coastline.

There are many stories of home owners who purchased fly screens and doors from competitors and are in need or repairing and replacing their fly screens and doors due to corrosion, just a few years after purchasing and installing them brand new.

Therefore, if you do live in a coastal region of Australia and are seeking fly screens and doors, please point this out to the company you are purchasing for and ask for 316 marine grade stainless steel products in order to ensure your new fly screens and doors do not suffer from corrosion.

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