Sliding Window Flyscreens – Durable & Easy To Use

The sliding window flyscreens that we offer provide your house with a great look and are easy to use.

Incredibly durable and run extremely smoothly without getting stuck, you can rest assured we offer the best sliding flyscreens on the market. Our sliding window flyscreens, offers tailor made solutions for every situation, whether it is in an office or a big hotel.

Our sliding fly screen unit was both designed and manufactured by our team of top designers. It is considered one of the star products in our range of fly screen products. Many of our customers have remarked on how pleased they are with their new sliding window unit.

Sliding Window Flyscreens Features

The all aluminium sliding fly screen unit is appropriate for commercial kitchens where the screens can be simply removed for cleaning. The mesh options comprise fibre glass and stainless steel. Screens can be made to fit any size by multiplying the number of sliding panes.

Sliding screens are generally installed within a window reveal which can deliver support for the outer frame. The sliding panes are extremely easy to open and close. Each sliding window panel moves in plastic grooves which are mounted on the sides and can then be balanced with an individually modified counterweight.

The sliding panes can be lifted out of the frames for cleaning purposes. It’s best to use warm soapy water.

Window panels of up to 150 kg can be moved both up and down effortlessly and most importantly without much sound. The counterweight is to suit the panel weight and the panel is locked using a standard central locking device.

Measurement Requirements

In order to take the correct measurement for this screen, a four width measurements of your window reveal is required, then use the smallest width and subtract 5mm. This will let the outer frame slide more easily into the reveal. A silicone seal can be installed around the frame to ensure its integrity.

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