For Maximum Protection And Ample Ventilation

The sliding security screen door features a heavy duty extruded aluminium grill that provides an effective and visual deterrent against intruders. Together with the heavy duty grill, an insect screen is also provided for all doors.

The doors feature high quality tamper-proof screws which pass through a metal clamp, then via the security mesh before finally firmly gripping into the frame. This strongly holds the mesh from being kicked out.

Distinctive Aspects

– The security grill is made from high quality extruded aluminium
– Comes with a key lock with an internal thumb latch
– It is screened with a long lasting fibreglass insect screen
– The grill is see-through allowing clear viewing of incoming visitors and the outdoors
– It can be customized to meet your specific requirements
– A wide variety of colours to choose from
– Features a 3-point locking system for extra security
– It is rust resistant hence durable
– Blocks over 30% of the UV rays
– Lets in fresh air but deters insects and other flying bugs
– Comes with tamper resistant screws for enhanced security

Custom Built

This means the product is made to fit your unique requirements. The doors can be cut to fit the shape of your door, even if it is not a square. You can be sure of a perfectly done job since our technicians are not only highly trained, they are also certified.

Good-Looking Mid-Rail

The mid-rail is an attractive feature which can be positioned such that it matches with the current features of your home. In addition to this, the mid-rail augments the strength and anti-crowbar properties of the door. It can also serve as a visual warning to prevent walking into the door.

Tamper-Resistant Screws

The sliding security screen door clamps the security mesh between 2 serrated pieces of metal, then drives the screws through the mesh and the frame. This creates a firm grip. Applying or removing the screws requires a special tool ensuring the integrity of the security system.

Enjoy An Enhanced Lifestyle

A sliding security screen door provides security, strength, unhindered views and keeps out insects. This enhances your lifestyle.

The hinged screen door is very beautiful since it features a marine grade stainless steel mesh grill coated with epox. You have security and class all-in-one. You won’t even worry about rusting since the doors are made from high quality aluminium frame. You can choose between a pre-hung or a hinge expander to make the installation easy and simple. Because the material is marine grade, even if you reside in a salty environment, you will not experience rust or corrosion.

The tamper resistant hinges are made in a way that they allow the door to freely swing, while the pneumatic closure pulls the door when it is required closed.

This door comes with a keyed lock that features an inner thumb-turn and its dead bolt lock is pick proof. To keep the bugs out completely, the door has a vinyl bug sweep at the bottom side.

Should you wish and pursue to purchase for this type of door you will never be disappointed. Call 02 8294 8311 or visit us Flyscreens Sydney. It will not only increase the safety of your home but enhance your lifestyle as well.

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