Whatever your requirement we offer the best in sliding flyscreens and doors.

Looking stylish and easy to maintain we are the screen manufactures that offer our customers what they need.

Our double sliding fly screen units are now available in horizontal or vertical options. Two powder coated aluminum framed fly screens, all screens can move independently in the sliding channels of the outer framework this will allow easy movement and access to the windows.

Each sliding flyscreen is removable for cleaning purposes or servicing.

How the sliding flyscreens work

The screens outer framework will be fitted to the inside of the window, or it is fitted to the face. When the screen is closed it overlaps in the center which will then provide a seal between the screens and the outer framework.

The overall suitability of our screens can be used in front of any window, high in quality but sold at a reasonable price.

Can be designed with special type of sliding screen; additionally can be made with a triple slider if required for windows that are extra wide. This unit is now available in vertical sliding as well as the horizontal sliding formats, making it perfect to install in front of a sliding sash window.

The removal of the outer framework cannot be removed easily. To remove the screens just lift up and out. To remove the vertical sliding screens, just pull the packer away to both sides and then lift out the screens.

For maintenance purposes the powder coating can be cleaned with a cream cleaner that is able to restore its look to its original condition.

All meshes should be cleaned with hot, soapy water to remove both grease and dirt. Dusty screens however should be vacuumed or brushed clean.

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