Single Folding Door Screens – What are they?

These modern white aluminium insect screens have tightly pleated grey fly screen material which was designed to allow ventilation without light reduction. By pulling the screen across your doorway is great protection from insects.

Single Folding Door Screens – Sizes and Colours? 105 x 205 plus we have a larger 200 x 205 model, but the doorway can be changed in size to fit a smaller doorway, actually a massive 40cm can be taken from the height of the door. The screen comes in white aluminium with grey fiberglass fly screen material.

Fly Screen Folding Door can be easily adjusted to fit a smaller doorway. Yet if you don’t want to screw into your door frame it can also be fitted with hook and Loop tape which is a costly option.

Single Folding Door Screens- Easy to use?

Yes you simply pull the handle and slide the door across to the other side.

Single Folding Door Screens- Suitable for?

Commercial and domestic use

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