Why should I purchase your security screens over your competitors is a common question we face at Avalon Screens.

You should purchase our security screens because:-

The mesh of our security screens are screwed into a frame and clamped down with a secure locking device.

Other security screens mesh systems sold are held in place with a wedge forced in under pressure, or are simply glued in. This results in a protection of your home or business from intruders.

Also all of our Invisigard security screens come with a lifetime parts replacement guarantee.

Our Security Screens Offer Great Performance

  • The difference in impact resistance between our security screens and an ordinary security screen mesh product is significant.
  • Our screens withstand the physical assault that an intruder would apply unlike another stainless steel security screen product. Adding to the outstanding impact resistance, our screens have great cutting resistance quality.
  • Our high grade pre-treatment and high durability powder coat technologies will also ensure a premium finish that lasts for years.
  • Our immense grade pre-treatment and great durability powder coat technologies will also ensure a superior finish that lasts for the future years.
  • Our mesh is thicker than any other product. Resulting in more metal for your money. Our strands of mesh are 0.9mm thick. Other companies use 0.8mm strands for their products. Consequently, even thought the difference cannot be observed by the naked eye, our mesh is actually 26% cross sectionally thicker and an all-round stronger wire.
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