If you’re contemplating installing a new security screen door in your home, there are factors that you should consider before you decide to buy anything.

What kind of door frame material do I want?

The majority of our security screen door frames are built of aluminum, steel or a metal alloy.

The material is designed to be strong enough to function as a security door; nevertheless, aluminum and metal alloy frames are not as strong as steel, the frames have to be made wider to gain more strength

The 2- to 3-inch-wide steel frames provide more than 40 percent air flow. In addition aluminum doors don’t rust, but are considerably more expensive. Furthermore if steel security screen doors are properly preserved and powder coated, they won’t show signs of any rust for at least 10 years.

Also it is easy to have them recoated.

The Best Security Screen Door Mounting Installation

You can use both tube-frame mounting and flush-mounted installation.

By mounting the security screen door on a tube frame means that the door will stick out from up to 1 to 1.20 inches from the door opening.

It sticks out more than it should due to being mounted on the door trim instead of the opening.

Security Screen Doors Can Prevent Insects From Coming In

Those who have recently bought a security screen door should know how the new security screen door closes and seal out bugs.

In Australia the biggest nuisance for house owners are mosquitoes.

You can be proactive and deal with them, by having one of our security screens doors installed or just learn to live with them, just get used to that buzzing sound around your house and having mosquito bites every morning when you wake up.

There is no escape from these little pests.

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