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With the new world’s renovated homes, one of the things that have grown in popularity is the hinged, sliding doors. These doors are installed in different places such as the entries to the entertainment areas, the patios and the back yards. It is highly recommended that the sliding doors are done by a renowned security door installer. Flyscreens Sydney is here to help and assist your needs.

There are a number of qualities that one should consider looking for in order to install the best security doors. Here are some of the factors that can help identify a good security door for their home security.

1. The Australian Standards

Many companies have been using the term security doors in order to sell their little protection serving doors to the customers. However, having the basic knowledge about the Australian security door standards will help one purchase a maximum protection serving door. To get access to these standards, consider the ASSO39-2008.

2. Warranty

One of the most important things to look at is the warranty of the security door. Doors with longer warranty are always recommended. At Flyscreens Sydney all of our screens come with Lifetime Parts Replacement Guarantee!

3. Construction materials

The Frame – for the best security doors, the frame should be made of steel or aluminium. The depth of the receiver channel should be made deeper. It is also good to consider the fixing system of the frame such as glue and the pressure based that is used to fix the mesh to the frame.

The Mesh – it is always good to consider stainless mesh as they offer better protection. Also of importance is to consider the grade and the thickness of the stainless steel mesh.

The Locks – for the best security doors, ensure that they have at least three locking system. This ensures that the top and the bottom of the door cannot be forced back by distributing the impact on the door on the different locks.

The Hinge – a good security door should have at least three hinges that will have fixed hinge pins.

4. Aesthetics and Usability

It is good that the buyer always consider the colour, the overall design of the door, as well as the type of mesh. This makes sure that the door matches with the house adding its value.

Most of the suppliers offer custom built doors the way in which one ensures attractive aesthetic and perfect fit of the door is achieved.

5. Quality Installation

For the door to offer the expected security for the buyer, it is always good to ensure that a professional door installation is done. The installer should hold a good reputation as the installation will as well affect the overall aesthetics of the door.

Benefits of Security Doors

1. Improved Home And Personal Security

Most of the security doors are hard to penetrate in case of any burglars’ plans or home invaders. Trying to break the doors will make noise that attracts external attentions that these enemies do not want.

This gives the home owners surety of their properties safety, increasing on their peace of mind. As a result security doors act as a low cost measure in improving home and personal securities.

2. Occupant Comfort And Energy Saving

To increase comfort during the uncomfortable, stiffing summer nights, it is advisable to install security doors to the external entrances of one’s homestead. Doing this allows cross ventilation, allowing cold breeze in, and at the same time keeping one secure. As a result, no need to run air conditioning devices, reducing on energy bills.

3. Durability

Security doors are made of materials that are able to withstand harsh weather conditions. In addition, these materials are corrosion resistant increasing their life time. The doors also have very few moving parts that can break, unlike other common door’s systems that require regular servicing.

4. Eye Catching and Value Adding

The doors come in different colours, designs and finishing styles to suit different homes exteriors and customers interests. Many of the suppliers also offer modern finishing designs that perform bests and at the same time look great adding value to one’s home.

For a safe home, security door is the best option. Considering the above factors enables you to purchase the best security door in accordance with your residence need.

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All of our screens come with Lifetime Parts Replacement Guarantee!

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