The best advice for a bug-free summer!

Get the most of your back or front yard by converting your deck into a screened in porch to eliminate all of those pesky mosquitos, flies and insects.

Converting is never easy, especially if you aren’t a top-notch handyman. Luckily that’s why professionals exist, and we can help make it cost effective.

Of course it is worth the time and money, as it is proven that screened-in porches can add value to your residence of 70% return on investment after five years of installation.

Screened-in decks can also assist in selling your home faster, as the Australian home-buyers market is always looking for ways to enjoy the outdoors.

Have you a suitable area for a screened in porch

But, as always, you will need to consider whether your deck  or entertaining area can become a contemporary screened in porch.

As pointed out by many architects, the difference in structure of a porch and deck is the weight of the burden that rests on the foundation, beams and joists.

Porches are a lot heavier due to the roof, whereas a deck is relatively lightweight. In preparation for the additional weight of the screens, you should determine whether you need to more posts and foundation piers, to toughen up joists, removal of railings for floor to ceiling screens and bug proof the floor of the deck.

Adding a screened in porch will also require you to add a roof onto your deck, that is if there isn’t a roof there already. You will need to consider the shape, colour, materials and guttering of the new roof that will make the porch look like it has always been a part of the house.

So, what are you waiting for?

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