There are several points to consider when it comes to screening large open spaces.

  1. The first point to consider is whether or not the screening solution interferes with the effects of your existing door configuration.
  2. The second point is whether or not it is possible to screen a large opening in a single span.
  3. The third point is whether the screening solution is easy to operate by all members of the family, be it young or old.
  4. The fourth point is whether the screening solution is stylish enough to match your interior and furniture.
  5. And lastly, the most important point is, how cost-effective is the solution?

So, let’s go over a few points in detail.

The Avalon Screens large open space screen solutions can be totally independent of the existing door configuration, whether bifold or French doors. They can be easily configured to sit in front of your screen.

With an Avalon Screen screen, you can easily screen openings over five meters in one continuous span.

The one big advantage of a single span screening is that you get an uninterrupted view as a bonus. The Avalon Screen solution is one of the most user-friendly screening solutions that can be operated by the young and the elderly comfortably and easily.

An Avalon large space screen keeps perfectly vertical and levelled, irrespective of whether it’s pulled from the top or the middle or the bottom of the screen. The screen is really slim and beautifully designed to match the interior and decor and your furniture.

Furthermore there are no bulky catches or multiple panels, only one slim line plated screen stretching from one end to the other.

Lastly, the Avalon Screen large open spaces screen solution is one cost-effective solution for screening large openings. Primarily, because it involves only one stretch of quality plated mesh as opposed to conventional screening solutions involving two or more panels.

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