What is a screen door latch?

A screen door latch is what retains your screen door closed to stop the wind from catching it and sweeping the door open.

Certainly there will be a time when these latches will need to be replaced, or the homeowner simply wants to change it, but you should have these next few points fresh in your mind before coming to a decision on what screen door latches to buy.

Screen Door Latch Operability

As the same as all other things, the screen door latch may start to have problems with age and use. The most typical failure with certain latches seems to be the wearing out of the inner springs.

As they begin to wear out, they tend to lose their tension and the latch will not catch properly with the striker plate. If you are aware of your latch performing any of these issues, it may be time to upgrade.

Types of Screen Door Latches

There are a few basic types of screen door latches that are commonly used today. The one you choose will basically depend upon what best appeals to you.

  • Thumb latch: This type is characterised by a handle that you can grasp, and you can only open the door by holding onto a button with your thumb. This type is actually more prone to wearing out.
  • Door knob style: Just as you would any other doorknob, you must grasp the handle and turn to get the door open. This type of latch is not as prone to failure due to wear in comparison to the thumb latch.

Different Styles of Screen Door Latches

You can obtain a screen door latch in many different styles. The only real restriction to this is that you must take into consideration the type of screen door that you have, and whether or not the latch is compatible with your screen door.

Other than that, you should decide on  a style that is suitable the outdoor style of your home and ensure that it will not clash with it. Take into consideration the construction of the latch and whether it is made with a brass, aluminium, or other types of metal finish.

Other Considerations

Another feature that you may want to decide upon when you buy a screen door latch is whether or not it is lockable and if it matters to you.

For additional security, a lockable latch is an additional safety feature that you may want to think about especially if you have children in the home.

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