Having your screen doors installed

It is pretty simple to install a retractable screen door yourself it should not take more than a few hours.

However if you decide to install a hinged or gliding door, it would be wise to hire a professional to install the door.

It is not a difficult process to install a metal door or a solid wood door, but these doors need to be set correctly as you don’t want to interfere with the security elements of the door.

How a professional screen door installer will improve its security

If you want to decrease the chances of a home burglary, then you could install these safety measures for entry doors as you don’t want your front door to be a welcome mat for thieves?

Entry doors that may appear secure at first glance may actually in fact be more vulnerable than you think.

Recommendations for Improving your Home Security

Go for a solid-core door

The most secure doors have a solid core, therefore they don’t break easy. If you don’t know which type you have then knock on the door to find out. A hollow door will echo, but a solid door sounds dead.

To increase your door security, you should replace any hollow entry door with one that is made of either, metal, solid wood or fiberglass.

Like with most people, you may believe that the quality of your home’s front door and windows can protect you.

In addition there is a misunderstanding that burglars always go through open windows to get into someone’s home. However it’s more likely that a burglar will slip through unlocked doors to gain entrance through poorly secured windows and doors

Consider the following points for screen doors

A deadbolt is not the best way to secure a door. A motivated burglar can open doors in no time at all.

Poorly maintained doors and windows that are not properly maintained could be considered vulnerable. Cracked windows and corroded frames can be manipulated by burglars to get entry into someone’s home.

A trained professional can check your doors and windows; they are able to spot if there is any weakness that makes a burglar’s life easy.

In addition sliding windows should be fitted using sash stops to avoid them from being opened to far.

If you need more advice on security doors or you have any questions please don’t hesitate to give us a call, our staff are happy to help.

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