What Is The Right Screen Door Design?

There must have been a time when you were going to buy a screen door that had just the standard black handle, no matter what colour the door was?

Were you irritated that it’s easy to get custom screen door, but your still having to settle for black, or if you were really lucky, a white colour for your decorative screen door.

This can certainly be problematic for a contractor who may only be able to offer a customer a white screen door, but is being stuck with a black handle that does not match.

This is indeed a awful situation more so if the contractor has traveled far to complete the job

Screen door designs should entail…

Screen door designs should entail that the hardware for your screen door is not difficult to use.

Have you ever found it difficult to open those rigid push-button style screen door handles due to having difficulty because of arthritis or injury?

Do you frequently have to replace those handles every year or so because they rust, or the button doesn’t line up so you have to try numerous times to try to get it open?

There must have been occasions for sure, when you have had your hands full or it’s raining cats and dogs.

Therefore its best when deliberating on what screen door design you want, take into careful consideration the following points.

  • What homeowners need to do before buying a screen door?
  • Is the hardware rust-free on the aluminum screen door?
  • Both the screen door and hardware are powder finished?
  • Do you have 1 or 2 colour options available for the screen door hardware?
  • Do the locks on the screen door have security?
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