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An automatics door screen closer mechanism is a device which is attached to the top of the screen door that pulls it shut when the screen door is released from the open position.

This is usually done by means of an arm which rests against the door, and is connected either to a spring or pneumatic piston which pulls the door closed again. Primarily it is a device that is installed on a door to help keep it closed.

How do Automatic Door Closers Work?

Keeping your children and pets safe, as the security screen door is opened the arm is pulled along, expanding either the spring or the piston on the security screen door. On release, the spring or piston returns to its natural state, pulling the arm and the security screen door along with them, closing the security screen door again and exerting enough pressure to keep it closed.

These screen doors due to having automatic door closers now keep your house or place of work secured. Doors aren’t much good if it’s left wide open by forgetful children or adults with their hands full.

Featuring a smooth operating mechanism, these automatic screen doors closers will slide the door shut for you, even if someone does not remember to close the door screen!

The security door closer entails a horizontal, hollow aluminum bar (with tension cable) that attaches to the screen door top rail and frame. You can modify the pressure for variable closing speeds.

The automatic screen door closers can be installed in left or right opening doors. The automatic screen door closer has a black finish and works with any sliding screen door.

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