Sash windows have many advantages

They can really add to the aesthetic of the home. One must be careful not to add the windows though to areas where they can be distracting. These windows create a certain appeal that requires careful planning that they fit in with the look of the room.

Safe and Secure

These windows can be easily opened without creating a security hazard in the home. They allow a nice flow of air through the mesh screens, which remain locked in place.

Blocks UV Rays, not Views

The screens are easy to see through so your view of the surrounding area is not impeded. The sash windows also help to block harmful rays from the sun.

Wide Range of Designs

Sash windows have a range of design options. They can be made with different sizes and materials. Some examples of the materials that can be used are aluminum, fiberglass, wood, and vinyl.

Works with A/C and Various Screens

These windows, like casement windows, work well with air conditioning units. They can be moved vertically instead of sliding. This means that an air conditioner fits in nicely in the window and the screens can be fitted accordingly.

Simple to Clean

These windows are typically easy to clean. Sometimes, the individual sashes come out, making for a very thorough cleaning opportunity. If they don’t, then the panes often tilt, giving access to all angles of the glass.


You will need very exact measurements to prevent air and water from leaking in and out. Thankfully though, these type of windows come with quadruple weather proofing.

This can help to keep your rooms warm or cool, according to how you set your internal temperature in the home. It can also help to save on your overall energy costs.

Our screens can also be made for any size of door or window, not just the sash windows.

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