Some people call our retractable screens roll up fly screens.

In this article we will be referring to our retractable screens as ‘roll up screens’.

Why use our roll up screen doors?

Our roll up screen doors have the capacity to keep animals such as birds, insects, bugs, and other animals outside while still allowing fresh air inside your facility with our roll up insect Screen Door.

In addition when we have cold weather, you’re able to switch the bug screens with solid vinyl panels. These switchable panels will increase energy savings while creating a very comfortable working environment during the warmer months.

Roll up bug screen doors are perfect for warehouse doors, dumpster locations and dock doors. They are able to maintain cooler temperatures while keeping conditions sanitary and bug and insect free.

There are two different kinds of mesh screens to choose from based on what you require. Standard panels are made of 17 x 11 PVC coated mesh:

  • Roll Up Insect Mesh Door – This screen mesh has the smallest openings which will keep out the smallest of insects including, beetles, spiders’ mosquitoes and wasps
  • Roll Up Bird Mesh Door – This screen mesh is bigger and will keep out larger insects including birds. This mesh will allow the most air flow to come through.

Roll Up Bug Screen Door – Features

  • The mesh door is vertically guided, which has an extruded aluminum channel.
  • Furthermore the roll up bug screen is reinforced with horizontal wind stiffeners.
  • A bottom breakaway bar is built-in which will pop-out of the guides if hit by forklift. This stops costly damage to the insect screens.

Power Options

  • The Roll up bug screen doors are activated via a Heavy Duty Spring-Loaded Roller which allows an operator to manually raise and lower the door.

All fixtures and fittings for this roll up bug screen are included in the self-assembly packs. The easy to follow instructions for assembling the roll up bug screen are included. Please contact us with any questions you may have.

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