Choosing The Right Retractable Screen

When the flyscreens were first invented many people thought that this was the greatest invention ever. These screens were able to keep both flies and mosquitoes out of the home.

There are some disadvantages to using these flyscreens. Once they are fixed onto the window they are difficult to remove. They may begin to sag after a period of time. A retractable screen is a new and improved version of the flyscreen.

Here are some ways to get ready for the summer with the retractable screen.

  1. What is a retractable screen?
  2. Mesh options for retractable screens
  3. Retractable window screens
  4. retractable screens for the door
  5. How to choose a retractable screen

You should look at all the different options before selecting a retractable screen for your windows or doors. You will be able to choose the one that best fits your needs.

What is a Retractable Screen?

This screen can be opened and closed without a problem. Some of the screens can be rolled similar to a roller blind. Other screens are pleated and fold up in accordion style. Some of the screens can be adjusted so that fresh air can enter a room.

The original flyscreen was good at keeping the bugs out but it was not attractive to look at. They were made from ordinary mesh. These retractable screens come in different colors and designs.

Retractable Screen Options

The old flyscreens were made from mesh. It would tear if an animal scratched at it and was not appealing to the eye. Over time the screens would begin to sag. Modern retractable screens come in four different types of mesh:

  • Fibreglass mesh is easy to clean and resistant to corrosion.
  • Aluminum mesh is also resistant to corrosion and can be powder coated in many different colors.
  • Stainless steel is tough and will not corrode.Pet mesh is designed for homes with children and pets. If the mesh gets scratched it will not break.
  • The mesh can have vertical lines when it is closed. Pleated mesh will have the accordion look.

Retractable Window Screens

These screens come in many different sizes. The roller blinds are for smaller windows and will fully cover the opening of the window. The mesh will stay in place.

It is important that the window screen is high quality. They will not bend as they are moved. These screens can be left open a little to allow some fresh air to come in the home. Some models are even designed for double windows and each side can move separately.

A window screen made from pleated mesh is great for wide windows. They can open from side to side and are retractable. Bifolds can be added to give the kitchen a homey feel.

Retractable windows screens are framed. These frames come in many colors. There is even an option for the natural wood grain look. Some screens are designed for security. They are made from a heavy duty mesh, can be locked, and are very hard to break. They can some with a sliding or a tilt device.

Retractable Door Screens

These doors will keep the bugs out while still allowing a person in and out of their home.

There are several different options depending on the size of the door.

  • A single screen will over a door ranging in size from 1.4m to 2.4 m
  • Double screens cover doors from 2.8 m to 4.8m
  • Some screens can over doors that have a 4.5 m opening.

There are wide roll up retractable screens. They are designed for patios. They can come in a manual or motorized model. They can be adjusted and are designed for wide openings. These screens can be closed part way to keep the sun out or they can be left open.

These screens can also come at a 90 degree angle.

Selecting the Right Retractable Screen

It may be difficult to choose a screen to meet your needs. In order to get the best price on your screen get quotes from other supplies. Professionals will help you find the right screen for your needs. Be sure to get a warranty with the screen. Screens that are high quality will come with a five year warranty.

Be sure to keep your climate in mind when shopping for a retractable screen. If you live in an area that is windy you want to find wind resistant material.

Some are specially designed to handle cyclonic conditions. If you live in an area that is fire prone there are more fire resistant products that will meet your needs. Be sure to find a reputable dealer that knows your climate well.

It is important that the retractable screen is properly installed. The supplier will need to measure the doors or the windows. The screens should be installed by a professional. The mechanisms both mechanical and manual need to be properly installed.

There may be a time when the screens need to be repaired. If you work with a reputable company they will follow the warranty. If the supplier is not from your area a flyscreen service may be able to repair your retractable screen.

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