This high-performance pleated retractable screen door offers the following features.

The Avalon Screens pleated retractable screen door is decorative and compact.

The mesh is clearly visible when the screen is in use but when retracted, offers a clear and unobstructed view. The pleated mesh retracts, folding into the housing. Our advanced wire tension system ensures the mesh remains tight.

Designed as a manual operating retracting screen system. This model uses no springs. This feature allows us to offer this screen in unconventional sizing. A single retractable screen can accommodate openings up to 9-feet or 2.8-meters high and 6 feet, 6 inches or 2 meters wide. Double sliding retractable screens can accommodate oversized openings and can effectively screen an area to a maximum of 13 feet or 4-meters wide.

This pleated retractable screen door system is available in variable sizes and is made-to-order customised for client requirements. Perfect for the installation professional, OEM or handyman. This manual operating screen system is by virtue of its design smooth, quiet and easily controlled by the operator. By simply grasping the handle, the screen slides and glides with ease and stays well positioned on the rail.

Avalon’s pleated retractable screen door features our innovative retracting mesh guide, which ensures the mesh remains properly positioned when the screen is in use for maximum insect protection. When the screen is retracted, the mesh guide slides up into the vertical frame and disappears when the screen is not in use. The mesh guide rides on our industry first low-profile bottom rail that stands one-eighth of an inch or three millimetres high for a barrier-free, easy to clean design.

Our butterfly hooks attached to the wires that are running through the mesh and then hook into the retracting mesh guide, ensuring the mesh stays in place even in the windiest conditions.

This screen conveniently installs on the inside perimeter of the door frame, making this screen suitable for a variety of applications. Pre-sized from the factory, this screen is an easy fit into any opening and is an innovative solution for standard to oversized decorative and elegant door systems. The mesh is easily replaced with our innovative replacement mesh cartridge system.

As demand for retractable screens increases, Avalon Screen’s solutions present beautiful and flexible options. The perfect answer to your needs.

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