What Is The Cost Of A Retractable Fly Screen?

You may want to open the door to let fresh air in. The only problem is that flies and other bugs can get in the home.

The answer is a retractable fly screen. Many wonder how much they cost.

The price will depend on the size of the screen.

Retractable fly screens – windows and doors

A retractable flyscreen can be used for windows, doors, and even to enclose a patio. They cost around $250 for use on a small windows and can go up in price to over $600. Some of the screens are good for do it yourself projects. There are some cheaper versions that have sliding or hinged aluminum doors that costs between $150-$250.

If a person is looking for a quality screen they need to be paid to prepare extra money. In the long run the cost may be worth it. If you are using the do it yourself approach use cyclone and pet resistant mesh it is going to cost you around $450 for a roll that measures 1.4×1.22m. A 10 meter roll of grey fibreglass fly screen mesh will only be around $50.

The type of mesh that is used for the screen will have an effect on the price. If you are looking for a wide screen the device you choose will be the be the deciding factor if you are looking for a retractable fly screen that can be used every day or if you will be frustrated.

There are several options for choosing a screen:

  • Bifold fly screens will fold in an accordion style and you can choose how much of the window is covered.
  • A pleated fly screen will cover a wider area. They are going to cost around $500 for a small door. If you are looking for a large opening they can cost $4,000 or more.
  • Manual retractable fly screens begin at $500 and can go up to $5,000 for large openings.
  • Motorised retractable fly screens will open and close just by using a button.

Are Retractable Fly Screens Worth the Cost?

The better the quality of the screen the more expensive it is going to be. If you want to sit outside and not be bothered by the bugs that they are well worth the cost. If you have bifold doors installed how often will you really open them if there is no screen.

If you want to open your doors and sit on the patio at night the retractable fly screen will be able to surround the patio.

Before having the fly screen installed a supplier will be able to give you a quote. If the supplier is not located in your area you can have it delivered to your door and installed by a fly screen installer.

Once the screen has been installed you will agree that it is worth your initial investment.

As you enjoy your screen you will forget about the price.

You will not have to worry about insects and will be able to enjoy being outside.

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