Nothing drives me crazy than mosses buzzing around my head at night, and all it needs is holes like these to get it through. Now, the new screen is cheap and it’s so easy to fix you’ll be wondering why you didn’t get around with it sooner.

Put the screen down on a flat work surface.

Prize off the beading, pull it out and the fly screen just comes away.

Now the frame is clean and ready to roll out the new screen. So I’m going to make sure that the mesh is square to the frame. I want to set it there with the beading. Put it in one end, once you get to the other corner, roll it in with the bead roller.

Once I’ve got the bead in, I can roll out the rest of the screen and tuck it under the frame.

That will help keep it square and [not clear] while I do the rest of the beading. Here’s a handy hint: rather than use a knife to cut the beading, use scissors. That way you’re less likely to damage the screen. Score with the scissors, lift it up, snip it off.

We’re almost done. The last step is to remove the excess screen, so grab a sharp knife and carefully work your way around the edge. You don’t want to damage the bead or the screen. That’s done, ready to put back in the bedroom. In it goes.

So one of the mosses won’t stand a chance. I’m Chris for Handyman Magazine hints and tips, job done.

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