In the modern world we live in security is always a major safety concern for everyone.

At Avalon Screens we give your safety the upmost consideration. It is our objective to provide you and your family, to be able to feel safe within your home.

You no longer have to feel in danger anymore as we provide the door security to keep away those unwanted intruders.

Our high quality security doors not just protect your home from skilled burglars, but they are heat and fire resistant, furthermore they have the capacity to keep noise from the outside world from coming inside your home.

Our quality security doors are perfect for the family home and apartments, as it is made of strong bent metal with full thermal insulation.

What Sets Our High Quality Security Doors Apart From Our Competitors?

We use the highest quality and best tested materials. Please rest reassured that our security doors have been tested on numerous occasions before they put on the market.

What do we offer?

We offer outstanding security products that have the capacity to last for many years. The price of our security doors are reasonable considering the excellent product you are buying.

Please take into consideration when you are deliberating on buying one of our security doors, you should be aware that you are buying one of the best security doors on the market. If you want to feel safe in your home please don’t hesitate, book an order now.

We have had positive feedback from customers who have bought our security doors.

I would just like to say how pleased we are with our new security door. My house got broken into 2 months ago and since then I have looking for the best house protection. My wife was always scared of staying in the house alone after we had intruders. The door we bought from Avalon Screens meets our security needs and looks sensation.

Kind Regards
David and Renoo

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