Sophisticated Retractable Screens

Retractable Insect screens offer not only great protection against insects but also an optimal filter against atmospheric pollution for example dust particles and pollens.

Our screens are well-known for their sophistication, potential size and the complete ease with which they are used.

Why choose retractable screens?

Unlike conventional fixed screens, our window screens won’t hinder your view, they retract out-of-sight when not in use, giving you extra protection from insects. Furthermore our retractable screens act as a shade from the sun and most importantly giving you extra privacy.

Extremely discreet and has the capacity to match with your home’s design.

  • Can Fit most window types
  • Our screens fit almost all window types including awning, casement, single double-hung, sliding and tilt & turn windows
  • Mesh retention
  • System helps avoid the mesh being blown out of tracks in light breezy conditions.
  • Mounting options

Subject to the type of window our screens can be installed on both the interior and exterior of the frame. Recessed installation options are also available

Retractable Screens – Product Description

Adjustable High quality fiberglass yarn mesh that is fireproof. Automatic cleaning function that comes out from the extra clinging hair, the auto cleaning function can prevent dust or dirt falling off while still in use. The weatherproof design can prevent the netting from breaking away from the slide track. The beautiful appearance which includes good decoration function that saves space. In addition the foldable screen has a very good effect for anti-mosquito.

This product will only take up a very small space after it is folded up. Installing the bearing will therefore enable the slide to ensure a more smooth push in and pull out activity.

You won’t be disappointed with our high in demand retractable screens that we sell.

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