The Avalon pleated mesh screen offers the following features…

It is both compact and stylish.

The pleated mesh screen is easily visible when the screen is in use. And like the wings of a butterfly, the pleats elegantly fold together for self-storage between the handle and the frame when retracted.

Our uniquely designed counterweight system retracts the screen and ensures smooth, quiet and safe operation, in conjunction with the built-in spring that keeps the wire, which is running through the mesh, tight while in use. The wire tension can be easily adjusted allowing the operator to control the tightness of the wire, which supports the mesh, providing maximum insect protection.

Our one-touch latch system

Our one-touch latch system is designed to prevent accidental openings and is simple to open with a flick of the finger. This screen conveniently installs on the inside perimeter of the door frame, making this screen suitable for in swing and out swing door systems.

Virtually void of the screen housing, this is our most compact screen design and is a perfect solution for decorative and elegant door systems. The bottom rail was specifically designed to provide maximum protection from airborne insects while providing a maintenance-free and easy to clean design.

For an easy fit into any opening, the screen is size adjustable in height and width and has a reversible feature for ease of installation.

This screen is designed to accommodate in and out swing single doors and with the addition of our double door link kit, accommodates any double door system. The mesh is easy to replace with our innovative replacement mesh cartridge system.

As demand for retractable screens increases, an Avalon Screen pleated mesh screen is a beautiful and flexible solution- the perfect answer to your needs.

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