Pleated insert screens a popular & convenient alternative to retractable screens

A great choice if you’re looking for something that is different to a retractable screen. Our pleated Insect screen is extremely easy to use; this is due to not featuring a cassette which includes a spring-tensioned mechanism.

As an alternative it uses pleats, which have the capacity to stack back when you put the screen away.

We are extremely proud in the fact we were one of the first company’s on the market to introduce pleated screens. Moreover because of their ease-of-use and low maintenance plus aesthetics, they are becoming more and more popular with many homeowners.

As a replacement of having mesh that just rolls into a cassette (like a blind), the mesh of the pleated screens works like a concertina or accordion. This therefore means once the pleats are retracted, they can then fold and stack back on to each other with great ease.

This is a great difference to most retractable fly screens that need a spring-loaded tube in order to make the mesh roll into it. From a customer’s point of view this can sometimes prove to be annoying particularly for older people or small children as they are forced to “fight” against the tension to extend the screen.

Pleated Insect Screen Features

  • Blends effortlessly into almost any environment
  • As the tracks are extremely small and narrow, it therefore means they can blend and fit into virtually any kind of opening.
  • Protects larger areas
  • Our Pleated Screen spans up to 4 meters (1 screen) and up to 8 meters for a double screen.
  • Accessible in a range of colours

Our Screens are now available in a choice of different colours and finishes including wood grain.

Whatever your requirement we have the screen to fit your needs.

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