Avalon Screens specialise in pleated screens.

Whatever your requirement we have the specific pleated flyscreen that you need.

Pleated flyscreen – product description

The pleated screening system for doors has been manufactured to be versatile, compact, very easy to operate and extremely durable.

It features an original pleated mesh design that enables effortless closing and opening while still increasing the screen life.

The pleated flyscreen system’s design will allow it to be surface mounted to the door jamb for seamless integration with any door.

Using the pleated screening system will provide you with the largest single span insect screen of its kind and it is currently the most effective solution for large horizontal openings.

A single screen can span nearly 15’ wide. However a double screen can accommodate an opening of up to 29’ 6” wide.

You can extend it when you need it or retract it when you don’t. Our unique pleated screening system offers a functional and decorative protection against all insects.

Pleated flyscreens – How do they work?

The bottom track of the screen is shaped like a caterpillar and can be retracted into the sliding bar along with the pleated net. The barrier-free design will allow people to pass through without any problems.

It includes a discrete 3 mm track which has been designed to blend in seamlessly. Therefore making it a perfect option for all types of openings especially those with narrow frames.

In addition the pleated screen is extremely versatile, elegant and easy upkeep it has now become the most preferred screening option on the market.

The screen system is functioned by a cord tensioning system incorporated within the pleated insect mesh. This cord tensioner has the capacity to control the tensioning of the screen making it extremely easy to operate and it can resist mesh blow out in windy conditions.

Our pleated screens are great for all doors, keeping out insects and looking great at the same time. You won’t be disappointed.

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