Smooth operation and superior performance

If you want to create a new dimension in your living space and wand smooth operation and superior performance even in breezy conditions, then look no further than installing pleated door fly screens in your home.

With pleated door fly screens able to reach heights of 3.2 metres and accommodating wide openings, these fly screens allow for great flexibility, even when dealing with hard to screen areas.

Pleated door fly screens don’t require a track type system

Unlike Plisse fly screens, Zig Zag pleated systems rely on cables and don’t require a track type system to retain the mesh. Despite needing one bottom track, the track on the floor is so unnoticeable and is only 7mm high, allowing for the screen to be as wide as 4.5 metres and stacked to either side, right or left, depending on your preference.

Plisse systems, however, require a 3mm high track on the floor, as the flyscreen retains the mesh in a tractor system. These screens are concealed in vertical framing and is only visible when the fly screen is in use. For larger applications, the screen panels need to be stacked multiple times, reaching up to 3.2 metres wide and 2 metres high.

The Miny17 system is the most discreet of them all, with a 17mm wide panel and a bottom track that is only 5mm high, making this system ideal for single and french doors, as well as any other area where detail is important to consider. These systems can are usually available in 2.6 metre wide and 1.8 metres tall screens.

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