What to look for when purchasing fly screens

When planning to purchase fly screens, look for a good quality fly screens for your home. You should consider purchasing from a reputable company such as Flyscreens Sydney. We have an excellent track record in installing fly screens and you can always get recommendations from customers who have used our services or ask to see our most recent projects.

The best fly screens such as the ones we sell at Flyscreens Sydney should have the following features:

Easy to clean – The fly screens for your windows should be easy to clean once they catch dirt. You can use a vacuum cleaner or just a damp cloth.

Robust – Good quality fly screens should be robust to withstand daily use. At Flyscreens Sydney we offer retractable fly screens that have an elegant retracting mechanism to be out of sight whenever you are not using them and are easily drawn over your windows whenever you need to.

Economical – The fly screens should be economical and should have a mesh that is easy to replace in case it wears or gets torn.

Well fitting – For the fly screens to work perfectly, they should create a completely sealed unit for any window frame to keep out insects. We at Flyscreens Sydney offer fly screens that are precise to your window’s measurements or the self assembly ones that you can cut to size to fit perfectly into your window frame.

High quality material – Good fly screens are made of high quality material, our fly screens are coated with polyester which not only makes them strong but also durable. The polyester is also UV-resistant which means they will reduce the amount of harmful UV rays entering your home. The fabric is also flame resistant which therefore means they are unlikely to catch fire in case of any accidental fires near your windows.

Our innovative fly screens protect you from insects turning your home into a fortress where insects can not enter. Due to the fine-mesh fabric that our fly screens are made of; flies, spiders, wasps, mosquitoes and other pests cannot enter your living space either through doors, windows or light wells in the basement. Using our fly screens will allow you to air your rooms in your home during the summer and enjoy the summer without having to worry about the annoying buzzing noise and painful bites caused by insects.

What can you expect from our screens?

From the above features, it is worthy to note that our fly screens are simply the best. We have been fly screens specialists for 20 years and therefore have a lot of experience in installing fly screens. Each of our fly screens is elegantly designed, manufactured and installed by highly trained professionals who leave no mess behind. We attend to each of our customers individually customizing our fly screens to meet their requirements leaving every customer fully satisfied.

When buying your fly screens from Flyscreens Sydney, you will receive the best advice from our dedicated professionals from the outset that will help you to choose the appropriate and cost-effective fly screens for your home. We can assess your requirements and provide you with a free fixed price quotation. Contact us as early as possible by calling 02 8294 8311 today.

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