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Our pet friendly screen doors can help your pets come in and out of your home safely and easily.

Pet Friendly Screen Doors = Happy Pets

As you’re fully aware the normal problems with the majority of retractable screens is that the fabric is not actually in fact connected to the bottom rail.

This therefore allows most pets to easily push under the fabric and slip right out. Moreover, most traditional retractable screens pop open with slight pressure or need to be latched shut to keep them in place.

Our door screens are an ideal solution for pet owners

Our system has tension lines that are running horizontally thru the fabric. One of these is approximately one inch from the bottom rail. We have included tension line hooks that hook on to the bottom tension line and into the bottom rail making a connection between the actual fabric and the rail that moves with the screen. We usually ship around four of these hooks with a unit.

There is also the modification on the tension of the lines which can be changed when necessary to make it harder to push under.

Retractable screens are not spring-loaded; there will be no pressure from a spring when trying to open them.

They will stay put wherever you put them and have the capacity to be adjusted so they are harder for any pets to open. If required we offer latches as well. However our screens truly won’t pop open making latches only essential for keeping small children, or very strong pets, in or out.

Whatever you’re reason for wanting to install one of our great looking retractable screens doors, we have an excellent selection for you. Our retractable screens doors are an excellent addition to your home, keeping unwanted insects at bay and keeping children safe.

As has been explained they are great for keeping pets in your house.

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