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Keep wasps, mosquitos’ flies, and other unwelcome insects out of your home or workplace, whilst obeying increasingly strict controls on food safety.

In addition one way mesh screens are so easy to put in and cost effective, the best economical way to provide security against flying insects. Mesh screens can last a long time and don’t need to be repaired regularly.

Mesh screens are lightweight and don’t rust, making them impeccable for the ever varying weather. The 1 way mesh screen comes in a variation of different size meshes which are appropriate for tackling certain insects.

Although insect screens come in many diverse designs, most of them can be made from different meshes subject on what you want them for. A standard sized one way mesh screen is small enough to keep out most kinds of insects and flies.

The overlapping mesh strips have machine bonded edging to provide easy walk-through and prevent fraying. By enhancing or reducing the volume of overlap, a precise size can be done; the strip width is 25cm. Installing mesh screens is very simple; you can do it yourself or one of our team members will be happy to install for you.

  1. Available in charcoal
  2. Sliding track
  3. Sliding Panels
  4. Easily adjusts up to 95cm x 215cm (3´x7´)
  5. Durable UPVC rail
  6. Clip-on weights
  7. Woven non-stretch
  8. PVC Top track
  9. Fixing Brackets
  10. Weather proof polyester mesh
  11. Panels pre-assembled

However the only disadvantage of using one way mesh screens is that it will not stand up to large rodents and animals like cats and dogs. You want to keep your animals out, or even pets in; then it would be safer to have heavy duty doors with a more suitable fly screen for pets; would be your best course of action.

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