At Avalon Screens, we are always developing our range of products.

Over the course of this year, we have developed our range of mesh window screens further and have included a number of new window fly screens, featuring new mesh types.

Our existing range of aluminum mesh window screens, standard fly screen mesh and stainless steel mesh has expanded to include pollen mesh window screens, midge mesh window screens and pet mesh screens.

The six different types of mesh window screens that are now available are:

Standard Fly Screen Mesh Window Screens:

Available with a majority of screen types as it is our standard mesh type. Can be used on hinged or sliding framed screen doors, roller screens, mesh panel doors and window screens.

Prevents flying and crawling insects from entering your personal space.

Midge Mesh Window Screens:

Midge mesh is designed to keep out smaller flying pests by using a fine mesh sized at 20×20 or 20×30 holes per square inch. Available to use with roller screens, door screens – hinged and sliding – and framed window screens.

Pollen Mesh Window Screens:

This ultra-fine mesh allows the fresh air to circulate around your home, but also keeps out both flying and crawling insects as well as pollen. Perfect for hay fever sufferers and suitable for every budget and application.

Pet Mesh Screens:

The faultless insect screening mesh that is ideal for use in high traffic areas is the heavy duty pet mesh. Not only is it pet resistant, it is also tear and puncture resistant. The most reliable insect mesh if relying on a mesh that is three times stronger than regular insect screening mesh.

Aluminum and Stainless Steel Mesh:

For the most durable mesh, the aluminum and stainless steel insect screening mesh is the one for you. Aluminum and stainless steel mesh screens are suitable for use in commercial environments.

Mesh Window Screens

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