A wide variety of made to measure fly screens

A wide variety of made to measure fly screens types are now available to order to effectively protect you and your family frommosquitoes, wasps, and other insects.

For every problem Avalon Screens have the solution.

To provide the best protection to you and your family against flies and other irritating insects, every potential point of entry should be guarded with a fly screen:

  • Made to measure fly screen doors
  • Custom made patio flyscreen doors
  • Custom fitted window flyscreens
  • Flyscreens for skylights
  • Basement light shaft flyscreens

For windows and roof skylights there are generally 2 types of custom fly screens available to provide effective protection.

  1. Fly screens which can be opened similar to a roller blind and
  2. Fixed fly screens such as a frame with the fly screen stretched across it.

Both are available in the colours black, anthracite, brown, and white and provide reliable protection against insects.

A roller blind flyscreen has the advantage that the window can be closed and opened easily.

This type of fly screen as roller blind is far more practical for a kitchen window, as food can easily be taken out onto the balcony or into the garden.

A roller blind to provide insect protection is a convenient investment and will reliably keep insects out of the kitchen. These blinds are usually manufactured in aluminium or uPVC and the conventional colours are brown, white, black and anthracite.

Made to measure fly screens for windows and doors

The simplest way to protect one’s kitchen from flies and other pests is to employ the lamella style door.

This comprises a series of vertically hanging lamella of special fly screen netting, these overlap partially and fall so that they form a lamella curtain.

As this fly screen is exactly like a curtain the doorway can easily be used without any inconvenient opening and closing of the door itself. As this fly screen cannot be held rigidly in place there is always the danger that the odd insect will manage to get in through patio or back door.

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