In the previous article, we mentioned a few ways to keep pesky insects away from our homes. Of course, some options don’t work as well as others. This article will cover a few more ways to protect your house and personal space from intruding insects.

How To Keep Insects Out Of Your House

Option 4: The use of lighting outdoors

Unfortunately for many, the ambient mood attained from outdoor lighting that attracts you to relax outside is the same for those pesky insects. Many flying insects are attracted to light. Because it would be totally unfair to stop using outdoor lighting all together, we suggest that you keep a your exterior lights a fair distance away from your house. By keeping this distance, you will begin to notice a significant reduction of flying insects entering your home on those hot summer nights.

Option 5: Insecticides can do the job for me

If you still feel as if you have no hope in keeping insects out of the house anymore, you could always resort to good old fashioned insecticides. To be fair, depending on the brand and type, insecticides are usually quite efficient. That being said, they do smell terrible after a generous spray, and you usually feel as if you’ve breathed every last bit of it in. As an alternative to chemical heavy insecticide, try burning citronella candles. Citronella candles can be burnt safely around children and pets, and best of all, insects can’t stand the scent!

Option 6: Flyscreen installation is the most effective method, once more

One of the most effective, and somewhat plain to see, ways to keep insects out of your house is to keep them from invading your home in the first place!

Flyscreens installation onto your windows and doors is an ideal way to keep insects out of the home, as it allows the summer breeze to enter your home without the addition of flying insects.

Installing flyscreens protect your home from all insects, big or small, and are easily installed.
To find out more about fly screens and the benefits, feel free to contact us today.

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