The Importance of Flyscreens

The owners of fly screens, screened bi-fold doors or patio enclosures are undoubtedly thankful that during the heat of the Australian summer, they can easily fling open their doors and windows, without having to worry about annoying insects plaguing their living spaces.

Evidently, comfort is the cause of many people choosing to invest in good quality fly screens, however, many people don’t realise that fly screens can protect you and your family from diseases and allergies.

Here’s why it is important to keep insects out

Flies carry bacteria

For example, flies are always present in the heat of summer, notwithstanding the fact that they don’t bite us, they’ve hit the jackpot when they spot a bit of food to land on. This can be quite annoying when BBQ season is in full flow.

You might believe flies are fine but they commonly transfer all kinds of bacteria such as E-coli, salmonella, Norovirus, and Listeriawhen when they land on food.

Worst case scenario for anyone who picks up a bacteria, as previously mentioned, will be likely to begin feeling very ill.

Cockroaches omit deposits

Cockroaches are another offender. Not many people realise that there are approximately 4000 species of cockroach in the world, however, not all of them carry disease. Apart from that, they’re actually critically clean, constantly grooming themselves like a cat would.

That being said, they tend to leave deposits behind, mainly with their faeces. Unfortunately, it is known to cause respiratory problems to over sixty per cent of asthma sufferers worldwide. These minuscule allergens can cause symptoms like watery eyes, nasal congestion, uncomfortable skin rashes and even a full blown asthma attack.

Mosquitos – they aren’t just annoying

We all know how incredibly annoying mosquitos are, and we’ve all experienced the prolonged pain of an itchy area for a day or so after being bitten.

Yet, in some incidents mosquito bites can bring about serious allergic reactions with radical consequences. ??Midges and sand flies are smaller than the mosquito and are the misfortune of any Australian. As they are smaller than a millimetre in length, they can be very difficult to spot.

You usually wouldn’t be able to see one, until it has given you a nasty nip. In spite of the fact that they are unlike the mosquito, in that they don’t carry diseases, their bites often become infected if you scratch them.

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