The #1 Home Solution to Keep Insects Out & Air Flowing Freely

Fly screens are becoming increasingly popular across Australia as home owners are discovering just how easy it can be to keep insects out of their homes. These simple fixtures can be designed to fit the unique styling of any home giving the benefit of fresh air without running the risk of unwanted visitors or being an obstructing eyesore.

Fly screens keep far more than flies out. Despite the name, wasps, bees, mosquitoes, midges, and all sorts of creepy crawly insects are prevented from entering your home or establishment, keeping you and your loved ones and guests safe—bite and sting free.

Fly screens in general are typically categorised into four types of screens: those for business, those for the home, and varieties of screens for doors and windows. The basic fly screen system consists of insect mesh netting, a channeled frame, and a spline or cord to hold the meshing and fix the screen in place. This fixture is installed over a door or window and is a proven method to prevent the entry of insects (and other unwanted pests) without blocking air circulation.

In addition to the basic fly screen system, other systems include the roller and pleated fly screens, both of which operate in a similar way to the blinds of the same names, and fly-curtains crafted of mesh or chain. The variety of these systems allows for a truly customised screen design to fit any assortment of needs.

With each system being customised to fit your specific needs, the benefits of fly screens can vary depending on the type of mesh installed. There are simple insect meshes of 16 x 18, designed to prevent flies, wasps, bees, and mosquitoes. However, the warding off of smaller insects such as midges, would require the finer 20 x 30 mesh. To keep out insects while also reducing allergens and the effects of hay fever, there is a pollen mesh. Even pet owners do not have to worry about losing their furry friend if they leave the windows or doors open, thanks to pet mesh fly screens being crafted from extra strong mesh material.

An added benefit to all fly screen meshes is in the filtering of harmful UV rays of varying degrees, depending on the weight of mesh weave and type of material. With the blocking of harmful UV rays, there is the supplemental reduction of heat and glare, potentially increasing the energy efficiency of your home or business. There are even meshes specifically designed with UV-protection in mind! No matter your priorities and concerns, there is a fly screen to fit your needs.

If fly screens seem the perfect home or business solution for you or if you have more questions to help you decide, contact Flyscreens Sydney at 02 8294 8311 to discuss installation packages with our home and business solution experts. We will answer your questions and help you determine the best fly screen solution for your home or business. The benefits of fly screens await! Order your installation today!

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