An installed security screen door is a strong deterrent

If you’re concerned about keeping the intruders out of your home, your business or school, then you should consider an installed security screen door.

Avalon Screens are Sydney’s premier security screen door installation company.

Installing a tough security screen door

Shouldn’t your first-line of defense be stopping your intruder from getting in? That is what a professionally installed security screen door does.

It helps keep your home, school and business safe by making it very hard for anyone to break through a door.

The security screen doors are made of heavy gauge stainless steel or galvanized steel that can’t be gouged with sharp objects like a crowbar or hammer. Even when they’re shot through ports, the integrity of screen is preserved.

These are a truly unique product that are made with a .28 screen stainless steel mesh which allows you to see right through it. This strong security mesh does not block off any light.

This type of safety screen door will also stop bugs. There are different types of security screenings for different applications but even the thickest grade screens look good from the outside, much better than bars, which can make a building look cold and uninviting.

The screens also have an easy-to-use exit latch on the inside. They’re all custom-made to fit your opening, whether it be a back patio door or big store front doors.

Unlike traditional security systems, security screens work when you lose power, plus you can leave your doors open at night to let the cool fresh air in.

Another major plus is these security screen doors are hundred percent Australian made. The main frame is aluminum surrounded by galvanized steel subframe and is corrosion proof.

If you’re all interested in getting an estimate on our security screen doors, we would love the opportunity to talk.

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