What is the difference between a fly screens and insect screens?

The basic understanding of the term ‘fly screen’ is a screen that prevents insects from entering your environment.

Therefore, when we discuss the purpose of a fly screen, we refer not only the prevention of the recurring house fly, but insect screens which will also prevent wasps, bees, mosquitoes, midges and much more.

Basically, everyone is searching for insect screens rather than the common fly screen.

Screen systems follow a smart process by placing a specific mesh screen into a screen frame, and we can also create a screen to stand against a specific problem.

For example, the measurements for the common insect screens mesh is 16 x 18, and that will prevent flies, bees, wasps and mosquitoes from entering the environment.

However, to prevent the entering midges, a finer 20 x 30 mesh is necessary to replace the standard 16 x 18. The process concludes with the required mesh replacing the standard mesh (the screen frame remains the same).

Pollen mesh is one of the many other choices included in other mesh options. Pollen mesh reduces the effects of hay fever. ‘Pet mesh’ is another option that is a strong mesh that permits owners to open doors and windows without concern of losing their pets. Both Pollen mesh and Pet mesh share the benefit of preventing insects.

In conclusion, all of the mentioned mesh products filter UV rays (fluctuating degrees) and they also have heat and glare reduction elements. It is also worth knowing that there is a UV mesh designed specifically filter UV rays. Please browse through the many mesh options available and ask us which mesh is best catered for your environment.

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