Screen Out Insects From Your Living Area

Renovations and new homes regularly include large, non-standard window and door openings. It is a modern trend that accepts uninterrupted perspectives and a seamless environments between inside and outside spaces.

Ah, it’s beautiful, until you hear “buzzzzzzzzzzzz.”

Unfortunately, standard insect screens just do not work with bi-fold or concertina doors, stacker sliding doors, or even french doors.

It seems all hope is lost, however, there are actually two options to choose.

1. Insect Screen – Retractable Screen Door

Firstly, there’s the amazing retractable screen door. These doors are integrated into the sides of door units and can be adjusted to openings as wide as 5.8 metres, and as high as 3 metres. This insect screen are manufactured in three opening formats:

  • Double insect screen horizontal – the design has two screens that meet vertically in the middle (commonly used for windows and doors)
  • Single insect screen horizontal – the design has one screen that opens from the side of the door jam (commonly used for windows and doors)
  • Single insect screen vertical – the design opens vertically from the window sill (commonly used for window openings)

Because many local manufacturers offer retractable type solutions these days, it is wise that you try them in their showroom before purchase.

There are few things that you need to be fully aware of, before you’re persuaded by the look and general work of  the displayed insect retractable screen.

  • Ease of use – operation is easy for all members of the family. The majority of retractable screens have strong magnetic closing strips that can be hard for even adults to open
  • Safety – the majority of retractable screens work on a strong spring powered system. It is a problem for a household that involves children because part of the process of the screen door operating, is the fact that the screen tends to spring back fast into the screen housing case

2. Insect Screen – Drop Screen

Secondly, there’s the simple and effective drop screen. They are an effective insect barrier, and they can screen any door or window opening size and work similarly to a curtain.

Although they aren’t 100% insect proof, they avoid a significant amount of insects while accessing children and pets to the introduced environments.

These screens are available in single or multiple screen panels and can change of required. The drop screen systems are installed onto the wall, above the door head.

These days, it’s easy to find exactly what you’re looking for (thanks to the internet).

There are a huge variety of options for large openings, and it’s guaranteed that there will be one to suit your opening type.

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