Need an insect-free home?

Used widely in Australia, insect fly screens are now being used more than ever by home owners and businesses across the world.

The basic system consists of some insect mesh, this comprises of a frame with a channel, a ‘spline’ or ‘cord’ that can hold the mesh in place and a technique of fixing the screen in place. The fly screen can be fitted over a door or window to stop insects from entering.

There are different variations on this theme including roller fly screens which operate in a comparable way to the roller blind and the pleated fly screens which are again are similar to a blind system. Other systems comprise fly curtains that are made either with strips of mesh or lengths of chain.

Generally, insect fly screens can be categorised as the following:

  • Screens for business
  • Screens for the home
  • Screens for doors
  • Screens for windows

In Australia the term ‘insect fly screen’ is normally used as a generic term for screens that keep insects out therefore when we talk about a fly screen we are not just discussing a screen that will keep the common house fly out, but one which will also keep out mosquitoes wasps, bees and many more pesky insects

In effect we are looking for an insect screen rather than just a fly screen.

The astute thing about screen systems is that by putting a particular type of mesh into a screen frame, we then have the capacity to create a screen to deal with a specific problem.

For example, a standard insect mesh (17 x 19) will stop flies, bees, wasps and mosquitoes from passing through; nevertheless to prevent midges passing through a finer 21 x 30 mesh will therefore be required.

Thereby the insect screen frame that stays the same but the mesh changes.

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